A bold chromatic choice that meets an icon while maintaining an exclusive character.

A full, graphic color.

Under the sign of yellow

Just as people prefer the yellow color because it is associated with the sun and has a pleasant energy, Pipistrello Pop brightens up places by illuminating nearby objects and their surroundings.

Pipistrello Pop becomes a design piece symbolising optimism and energy. Yellow reflects a youthful spirit and appeals to people who prefer to surround themselves with colors as well as those who wish to make an unimpressive environment feel lively and welcoming.

The lamp generates a visual contrast that affects the perception of a space, making it appear exuberant in dynamic situations and warm in neutral ones. It becomes the center of attention for everything around it.

I love yellow because it is a sunny color that inspires optimism, light, and energy. It's a color I identify with because some of its connotations reflect part of my character. Yellow is also the color of friendship, just like the one that linked me to Gae Aulenti whom I met as a child. She frequently used red, but I also know that she liked yellow, a warm and sunny color. Since we have already edited the Ruspa lamp in this color, why not Pipistrello too. Yes, but... in a Pop key!

Emiliana Martinelli

An icon reinterpreted in a Pop key

Color is one of the hallmarks of Pop art in which the protagonist is the everyday object transformed into art and the iconic Pipistrello is tinted with a bright, vivid, graphic yellow that harkens back to that movement. The base cone is yellow, while the details are black.
An icon reinterpreted in a Pop key
Pipistrello POP

The ring and knob are glossy black.
A “bold” finish to draw attention to the small features that give the lamp its graphic appearance.

The stainless-steel telescope's Martinelli Luce logo is highlighted in a black finish.



In this edition, Gae Aulenti's signature, which is lightly engraved on the top of the telescope in the original Pipistrello, is located on a shining black plaque that is applied to the base cone.
This value emerges more strongly, as strong is the character of Pipistrello Pop.

The lamp is signed and numbered.

Pipistrello is iconic for its capacity to blend originality and innovation.

The choice of a vibrant yellow keeps this spirit alive by going beyond simple aesthetics and thus becomes a symbol of vitality, energy and creative drive.

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