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Biennial of Architecture Pisa

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Biennial of Architecture Pisa
November, 2019
After the editions of 2015 and 2017, the Biennale of Architecture in Pisa starts again on November 21 with the theme "Tempodacqua", proposed by the director of this edition Alfonso Femia (AF517).
The event, with an international vision, aims to highlight the relationship between Water and Time and the effects of climate change on territories, both in situations of excess water, both in those of scarcity or absence.
By the same Director, this year the Biennale of Architecture in Pisa will speak a multidisciplinary language: from cinema to literature, from photography to art and history, the project of this review intends to welcome the influences and suggestions from different fields in order to bring together different impressions and make active and participating in the reflection all visitors. 
The Biennale of Architecture in Pisa will end on December 1.

Martinelli Luce, sponsor of the event, will be present in some areas with ciulifruli lamps designed by architects Alfonso Femia and Emiliana Martinelli.

Ph. Benvenuto Saba e Stefano Anzini
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