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Sistema Calabronet

A network of light. This was the concept behind the Calabronet project.

Through various elements of different shapes, you can create both regular paths and real "hi-tech" reticular structures, with diffused, direct or indirect light emission.

With Calabronet, the design possibilities are so wide that you can not only create a potentially infinite structure through light elements and joints, but you can also decide to insert modules without a light source.

This allows you, for example, to create a project, so that you only place the light where you need it.

The flexibility of Calabronet is also enhanced by the possibility of rotating and directing the light: the two LED tube modules guarantee a direct or indirect diffused light thanks to the possibility of rotating the module. The module with adjustable spots allows you to direct the light wherever you prefer.

The following examples are meant to be a source of inspiration for your projects; look at all CALABRONET modules and accessories to release your creativity.


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    Open the composer to create your own Calabronet.
    See tutorial to better compose your lamp.
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