Villa Borromeo D'Adda

  • Location: Arcore, Monza Brianza
  • Architect: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
  • Tipologia progetto: private residence
  • Product type: Pendant
The imaginary: the lights that are installed spontaneously in the spaces of a country house, of the city, in the convivial spaces of the festivals, of a garden party, of a greenhouse designed as a place for reflection, a meeting space or still in a terrace overlooking the sea where like fireflies, different light shapes punctuate the evening and push themselves towards the night.The will: draw it and make it as a child, with a child and a "little girl", where the compositional play of simple and chromatic forms of primary colors, which we find in the fruit on the tables at home, becomes a multiple game.Shapes and colors become the way in which everyone can create his composition. They hang and suspend, even better if in groups, where the threads are collected in the palm of a hand and are knotted to be fixed on a wall, or suspended in apparent disorder from a ceiling designed by chalks or still positioned to punctuate the space at different heights. The game is to make them their own and change over time.Joyful, like Elvis's refrain of "ciuli fruli" (Tutti frutti), from 1956.