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#soundthelight: Martinelli Luce at the Bass2018 Lucca with Remic Microphones

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#soundthelight: Martinelli Luce at the Bass2018 Lucca with Remic Microphones
August, 2018

Lucca was chosen to host the Bass2018, a biennial conference dedicated to double bass and Martinelli Luce could not miss this extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Remic Microphones the innovative danish microphone company. The partnership - wanted in particular by Marco Ghilarducci, Managing Director of the company and always passionate about music as well as musician - will materialize on August 4th thanks to a spectacular sensory experience that will combine the light with the sound.  Martinelli Luce will illuminate the Lodges of Palazzo Pretorio for an extraordinary performance by some of the best bass players in the world, who are in Lucca for Bass2018 from 31st July to 5th August. The concert will be an experience that will satisfy both sight and hearing: illuminated by Martinelli Luce's spectacular lamps the best double bass artists will perform the compositions of the acclaimed Spanish composer and bassist Simón García amplified with the microphones of Remic Microphones, specific for high quality instruments.  The concert will be performed by bassists from all over the world: Simón García, Gabriele Ragghianti, Alberto Bocini, Diego Zecharies, Volkan Orhon, Dan Styffe, Adam Booker, Hagai Bilitzky, David Desimpelaere, Andrea Pighi, Andrés Martín, David Heyes, Dritan Gani, Manuela Uhlmann, Petru Luga, Lloyd Goldstein, Jonathan Camps, Jimmi Roger Pedersen, Donovan Stokes and soprano Sarah Poole, guest star of the evening. Lucca's extraordinary attention to the cultural life of the city has opened the way for this new type of collaboration. The intent of the concert is to involve partners from two different creative fields, creating a mix between the italian design heritage and the great danish expertise in acoustics. Martinelli Luce and Remic Microphones have an important thing in common DESIGN as a creative engine of their experience, it is the design that allows the two brands to stand out and achieve excellence.


Bass2018, August 4th, Logge Palazzo Pretorio, Lucca, Italy | Concert Time 09:20 pm

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