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Keywords: design simplicity, power, flexibility, quickness, integration.

Martinelli Luce, which has always been attentive to innovation, has chosen pCon as an aid for interior design professionals to provide useful working tools in the configuration of products for both contract and living spaces.

In the pCon community you will find our modular and iconic lamps. You can configure them using automatic product rules and easily interact with other professionals thanks to CAD and DWG formats.

And with apps designed for easy design on the move, you don't risk losing the creative moment, designing wherever you are.

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The advantages of pCon

Design, configuration, presentation in one go
Always up-to-date product info
Reducing delivery time
Upload and save in DWG
Access 3D brand products
Interactive images

Your customers can follow the design steps and share the images with whom they want to. They will be more involved in the design configuration with an interactive and even fun experience.

Why you should use it

You can offer your customers an interactive experience wherever you are. Not just design, but a new form of consulting: whenever and wherever you want, shape your customer's idea with all the options available for a varied and complete configuration.

A simple, fast and efficient creative process.

The native file is DWG and you can open CAD models, which means flexibility and fast interactions with other professionals. You can integrate high quality 3D models into the design and reduce processing times.

What you can achieve

You can configure our modular lamps by creating compositions that meet the needs of each project.

In the community you can access the configurable data of our lamps (a mix of images, brochures, videos, product info) and other brands to have fun customising your rooms, supported by the calculations that pCon does for you. Read below.

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Some examples

In Mamba the power kit is automatically calculated according to the composition you have created, and at the same time pcon inserts the connection joints between the modules required for your project and follows you every step.

Pcon automates the whole process, and you don't have to do any kind of wattage calculation.
Product rules are automated, which ensures an efficient specification and quotation process.

Some examples

With Lunaop you have fun moving and tilting the individual rings interactively, while the canopy will automatically fit according to the power and number of rings inserted. Again, product rules make your work easier.

You will have an error-free lamp specification.

If Bruco is the product that completes your design, you add the modules progressively, rotate the lights, and the product rules once again make the composition easier: the end cap and the joints between the modules fit automatically.

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Your application set
Power and flexibility. Design your space with the supplier catalogue and 3D models by easily creating furnished spaces, renders with an effective visual impact.
App for smartphones and tablets. You can configure products interactively and in real time as well as create an article list. Share projects via text message, WhatsApp, or e-mail.
Configure products, check prices, generate customised images, product info always available. Impress with augmented reality. All from your smartphone.
Configure, price, quote. The application that allows you to create quotations with article lists and 3D views.

Augmented reality, product rules, 3D models, quotations, prices, item lists, product details and format compatibility.

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