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May, 2022

Lady Galala wins iF Design Award 2022

Lady Galala wins iF Design Award 2022
One of the most renowned contest in the world.
132 high-profile design experts from more than 20 countries form the iF Design Award 2022 jury. iF Design Award is the international most important product design award.
Lady Galala (designer Peluffo&Partners) won the lighting category award. It's an indoor and outdoor direct and diffuse LED light pendant lamp.
Lady Galala is modularity, colour, transformation.
Modularity, 3 diffusers allow to compose the preferred shape.
Colour, the lamp is available in 3 different tonalities.
Transformation, the different diameters of the modules allow to create various combinations, offering more creative solutions for the same environment.
I am as you want me to.
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