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May, 2013

A light for You

A light for You
Over 50 projects of new table lamps were presented by the students of Lucca Art School for the competition: "A Light for You". The idea of ​a competition for the students was proposed by architect Emiliana Martinelli. The competition was received with great enthusiasm by the students of the Art School, who have developed many projects really interesting. The commission was composed by: Emiliana Martinelli, the architect Elvio Cecchini (President Order of Architects of Lucca) and the architect and designer Michel Boucquillon who lives in Lucca more than eight years but operates all over the world. The winners are: Alessio Mancini, Alessandro Farnocchia, Samuel Gasperini, Catherine Gianbastiani, Maddalena Casentini, Katiuska Lazaro, Francesco De Conno and Martina Diridoni for graphical presentation. A special prize was awarded to Dario Casentini (first class). During the afternoon of 18 – 19 May all the projects will be exhibited in the showroom of Martinelli Luce company, Via Santa Lucia 9 in Lucca. The winning students will be awarded in that occasion. This initiative was particularly important and significant for the training of all the students who participated in the competition.
Martinelli Luce promotes young designers of Lucca Art School
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