Soft, adjustable light

A pendant lamp in which the led light source is enclosed inside a methacrylate diffusor and a perforated band supported by a swivel device.
Designed by Area-17 Architecture Interiors
Area-17 Architecture Interiors
The brain's Area-17 transforms impulses into images, enabling the brain to feel, explore and react to external stimuli. It is at the heart of the human visual experience.
Modena is the synthesis between a high-tech and contemporary appeal and a powerful materic character that transforms an object of design into an objet of affection. This dychotomy is immediately evident in the combination of materials: Modena always comes in a metal natural finish paired with a graphic color. The diffuser generates a wide light cone providing downward diffused lighting. The lateral pouncturing lets a sufficient amount of light filter through to soften the transition between shade and brightness, drawing a delicate texture/weft on the metal surface. Modena comes in two versions: pendant and wall lamp. The family’s essence is flexibility. The diffuser rotates so that it can be aimed in different directions. In the wall versions, the diffuser rotates around its support. This great dynamism makes the lamp very versatile, ideal for residential environments but also for public venues of significant dimensions, where juxtaposing the same element with slight variations in orientation creates an elegant and pleasant rhythmic effect.
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