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June, 2015

The re-building is illuminated with Emiliana Martinelli

The re-building is illuminated with Emiliana Martinelli
Not all designers can express their creativity outside the professional fence, more or less limited, Emiliana Martinelli is one of them. Maybe because before being a designer is an architect used to manage the spaces, to value them fitting into a specific context, often difficult to interpret. This happens when she is called - for several consecutive years - to create an installation at Carrara Marble Weeks (the event that characterizes the summer period from June, 18th and offers a new and different dimension of the relationship between the city and the marble in all its forms) which has an important theme like "destruction". The exuberant personality of Emiliana Martinelli, has now overturned the original idea, thinking about a project that changes a similar argument like her design style: "I immediately thought the contrary, the re-construction - explains architect Martinelli - because that's what I wanted to express with the installation conceived for Carrara ". And so it was: the project with its Pistillo (totems of colored LEDs designed for Martinelli Luce, sponsor of the event), reinterprets the idea of ​​a Doric columns series in a contemporary way, a kind of modern fallen building but under reconstruction. It sounds like a metaphor of our present, a positive message that leaves the opportunity for visitors to interact with the installation, getting involved by the lights and shapes. Always interested in working with urban spaces, Emiliana Martinelli with its "reconstruction", opens a new design languages, comparing its style with the ancient tradition of the Carrara’s marble which is world wide spokesperson.
Carrara Marble Weeks, from june 18th and every weekend in Carrara. Italy
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