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May, 2022

Sergio Asti - STUDY DAY

Sergio Asti - STUDY DAYSergio Asti - STUDY DAY
The study day at the ADI on the Sergio Asti work and cultural legacy came to an end.
Emiliana Martinelli talked about the Milanese master, Elio Martinelli's friend, through the Visiere and Profiterolle lamps, designed for Martinelli Luce in the 1960s.
Become design icons, these two lamps still characterize the room even when off.
In memory of Sergio Asti, after many years out of print, the Visiere lamp is back in production in a signed and numbered unlimited edition. Inspired by the ancient helmets of the Samurai, in a play of light and shadow, a soft, suffused light spreads in different tones creating a special effect in the room.
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