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November, 2022

Martinelli Luce’s metaverse

Martinelli Luce’s metaverseMartinelli Luce’s metaverseMartinelli Luce’s metaverse
Many were present at the preview of our metaverse.
Created by the Diorama studio, with whom we have already collaborated on the corporate video, our metaverse is a metaphor for the company itself, with subtle references to the brand's values and distinctive elements, and a starting point for the future.
Through the projection of the first rooms of this metaverse, the stages of Elio's first steps were retraced, from set designs to the most iconic lamps. The trapdoor becomes the recurring element and symbol of this world because that was the access, in the real world, to the laboratory from which everything started, from which Martinelli Luce was born.

Particularly engaging was the speech by our president Emiliana Martinelli, who managed to tell us about her father with heartfelt humour every time. Diorama's members, Jacopo Rosano and Pietro De Pasca, led us by the hand through this technology by briefly recounting what it means to create a metaverse.

"Over all these years we have done many events, exhibitions, competitions. But today is a special birthday, so we needed something special. We needed something innovative, like my father was. So, we thought of doing the metaverse, the ultimate innovation" Emiliana Martinelli, president of Martinelli Luce.
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