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January, 2016

Martinelli Luce, supports Do ut Do 2016

Martinelli Luce, supports Do ut Do 2016
Presented at Artefiera, Bologna on January 31, 2016 "do ut do” will focus on the construction of "do ut do house”. Using drawings, models, video, digital tools and through installations in museums participating in the project, the "do ut do house” will be seen by web and inside prestigious locations. Emiliana Martinelli is among the designers and architects who will have the task of designing the rooms of the house with the other companies involved in the project. The idea is to install several museums in a white box in which you can navigate inside the house, wearing visors for virtual reality and living an augmented reality experience. All funds will be donated to Seràgnoli Hospice Foundation to support the activities of assistance and care to patients affected by incurable diseases. The white box will be presented in 2016 at: MADRE (Naples), MAMbo (Bologna), MART (Trento and Rovereto), MARTa (Herford - Germany), MAST (Bologna), MAXXI (Rome), Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice), MMK (Frankfurt).
ArteFiera Conversations, Bologna, Italy, January 31, 2016 _ 01.45 p.m.
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