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March, 2014

Martinelli Luce at Fuorisalone 2014: 5 events for 5 ways of conceiving lighting design

Martinelli Luce at Fuorisalone 2014: 5 events for 5 ways of conceiving lighting design
Milan Design Week is always an occasion for novelties – and this year, Martinelli Luce is accompanying the city’s renewal and transformation with participation in a series of extraordinary Fuorisalone events. For 2014, Martinelli Luce has prepared a true tribute: with its lighting design, the company is contributing to changing the "look” of museums, locations, and alternative spaces. 5 events for 5 different ways of interpreting light, breathing life into an overall project that exalts design, innovation, and technology via inclusion of some of the most significant and charismatic lamps ever produced by Martinelli Luce. The first appointment is the "La Triennale di Milano e The Art of Living” event, produced under the auspices of Living: Corriere della Sera Interiors Magazine at La Triennale di Milano. The location is the setting for a dialogue between the worlds of art and design, staged with the contributions of the 5 young artists – Francesco Simeti, Marco Andrea Magni, Paolo Gonzato, Nicola Gobbetto, and Alice Ronchi – who are working in the wings to set up the graphic panels that create ten living-space sets animated by iconic lighting fixtures from Martinelli Luce. Then we move on to Palazzo Realefor the "100% Original Design”exhibition promoted by Elle Decor and starring the Elicaand Cobralamps as part of a collection of 100 creations, covering a temporal arc from 1945 to today, selected according to two guiding criteria: that they be icons of design considered in their time to be pioneering trendsetters in terms of technical and formal innovation; or creations which have changed our the rhythms of our daily lives. The exhibition is curated by Luisa Bocchietto, President of ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) and design critic; Beatrice Galilee, Chief Curator of the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennial Exhibition and co-curator of the Gwangju Design Biennial; Alexander von Vegesack, President of C.I.R.E.C.A. (Centre International de Recherche et d'Education Culturelle et Agricole) Domaine de Boisbuchet and a founder and director of the Vitra Design Museum (1988-2011). Again apropos of exhibitions and extraordinary spaces which for Design Week are transformed into Fuorisalone locations: at the Teatro Parenti, D Casa – La Repubblica is organizing a photography exhibition linked to another exhibition of high-added-value design creations – such as Martinelli Luce’s luminous icons. By now a habitué of  the most innovative design scenarios, Martinelli Luce is participating in the "designonboard+” project, the world’s first "nomad” editorial office, which will be travelling through Europe on board HOMETTA – a "mobile home” designed by architects/designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and sponsored by ADI. A road show, if you will, of such examples of Made in Italy excellence as Martinelli Luce lighting design. First stop? The Fuorisalone, of course!  Concluding the week, what promises to be a very special event: Martinelli Luce is the lighting partner at the SaloneSatellite, where Circular Pol XXL is illuminating the vast spaces of the new Pavilion 13 location. This premier show-window for under-35 designers, the crucible from which tomorrow’s stars will be cast, bears the distinctive signature of an unconventional lighting design approach with a scenic impact so strong as to completely renew the image of this space.
LA TRIENNALE DI MILANO – Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 – 20121 Milano PALAZZO REALE DI MILANO – Piazza Duomo, 12 – 20121 Milano TEATRO FRANCO PARENTI – Via Giorgio Vasari, 15 – 20135 Milano SALONE SATELLITE – FIERA MILANO RHO
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