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October, 2019

Love Design 2019

Love Design 2019Love Design 2019Love Design 2019Love Design 2019

Design in support of research.

360,000 euros collected and 15,000 total visitors, 67 of the most famous and prestigious brands in the contemporary design scene and 3000 pieces of design distributed during the event; these are the numbers of the ninth edition that was held at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan dedicated to design organized by the Foundation AIRC for cancer research and ADI, Association for Industrial Design.
Martinelli Luce has made available its most representative lamps to finance research against cancer: visitors could admire and buy design icons such as the p ipistrello and cobra, pieces awarded the Compasso d'Oro as the elica and other lamps such as cyborg, hoop, ciuli fruli and many others.

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