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March, 2019

"LE SINTESI ILLUMINANTI": meeting on lighting design in public spaces through the story of Martinelli Luce

Martinelli Luce has always been committed to the realization of important site-specific projects for public environments such as schools, offices and shopping centers, told by Emiliana Martinelli during the meeting "Le sintesi illuminanti", on March 10th inside the "Festival della sintesi" program which will take place in Lucca from 8 to 10 March. The meeting will be marked by the introduction of Mauro Lovi, curator of the exhibition and by the interventions of Patrizia Stranieri - President of the Order of Architects of Lucca; by Roberta Busnelli editorial director of IQD Design and Architecture; by Vanni Pasca design historian who will talk about "The shape of light in the history of design"; by Francesca Lazzari who will describe the lighting project of the Liceo Musicale di Lucca realized together with Martinelli Luce and finally by Lorenzo Perini who will conclude with an intervention on lighting projects for restaurants and shops.
Festival della Sintesi, March 10, 10 a.m. Church of San Cristoforo Via Fillungo, Lucca
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