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September, 2011

Festivaletteratura 2011

Festivaletteratura 2011
The Science-Fiction Library (Palazzo San Carlo – Gruppo Squassabia) with over one-thousand titles about the more or less near future, represents the imaginary area dedicated by the Festivalletteratura of Mantua to those who are fond of this genre.
Open to the public as from the 7th of September; its curator, Gianni Avoledo, personally selected all material included in the library index.
Martinelli Luce, in cooperation with Corraini Edizioni, will light up the reading areas of the Library by means of some table lamps, which are significant for their innovation and futuristic, as well as for their visual, esthetic and communication content. These lamps are in fact some Elica and Colibrì models, that is examples of clean design and advanced technology, which represent an ideal match within a future-to-be context.
BIBLIOTECA DI FANTASCIENZA (Science-Fiction Library): Mantua, Palazzo San Carlo
Period: 7th -11th September
Mantova, 7-11th September
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