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y3 Simon Schmitz, 2019

The alphanumeric code of balance

A system of 3 guy wires connected to the springs secured at 120° intervals to the Y-shaped base allow orienting and stabilizing the lamp in any direction with a fluid, pleasant motion, in an infinite game of balances.
The particular adjustable reflector supporting the LED lamp completes the functionality of Y3.


"Many radio towers are held in place by thick steel wires, supporting the loads from three different directions, holding the thin tower in place. What happens if you add the freedom of movement to mix? Three spring loaded cords form a comprehensive mechanism, allowing the Y3s pole to move freely and effortlessly in any possible direction. A ballet of stretching and contracting springs, that ease it´s motion along the base with an outward movement of 120 degrees away from its center. A fluid, pleasant motion, in an infinite game of balance."