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vela Roberto Lucci Paolo Orlandini, 1980

Light like the wind

Slender, edged, a sharp line that cuts through the air, like the energy of a wave about to break on the water. Just like the wind fills and brings a sail to life, so light animates this lamp.

Paolo Orlandini tells the story of his first meeting with Elio Martinelli, when he proposed the Vela lamp concept.
It was the 1970s. Still alive in the designer's memory are the familiar atmosphere that was breathed between those present and the meeting place, Elio Martinelli's country house, a rarity in the daily work of the young designer Paolo Orlandini from Milan.


I remember when, as a child, in the entrance hall to my house, we used to build kites using two bamboo sticks, some paper and a bit of glue. This lamp has some of that same spirit of simplicity, lightness and also of childhood magic.
Paolo Orlandini