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suju Michael Geldmacher, 2017

Up and down, in search of balance

A red line divides the surrounding space, a white cylinder illuminates it. You can personally adjust height simply by rolling the cable on the body of the lamp up or down. An originally different solution to orient light.

The idea behind Suju was to get a lamp that was adjustable, playful and minimalist at the same time. The real peculiarity, explains the designer, is to obtain with the same cable, the dual function of suspension of the lamp and the power supply of the same.


Suju is inspired by the performance of a tightrope walker, defying gravity whilst climbing up the rope.
Suspended in midair, he remains in perfect balance, then spirals up and down the rope which connects him to our world.
And like this artist, Suju spins up and down along the wire and invites the user to a playful height adjustment.
The mechanism needs no explanation. Power supply and suspension are united in one single cable.