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40074.1 Hush body lamp
design Massimo Farinatti, 2019


Hush is a system that unites functionality and design. The hanging modules are modular and composed of an aluminum profile for a direct and indirect LED light source (code 40074/GR), and double sound absorbing side panels covered in fabric of different colors (code 40112/BI white 40112/VE green). Dimmable driver, remote or to be fixed inside the ceiling rose. Available as single module or together with other modules through linear joints, corner joints, cross-joints and with wall mounts. Aivailable only extruded aluminum lamp body without sound absorbing panels (code 40074.1/GR) and only single absorbing panel with hanging cable (code 40112.1/BI white or 40112.1/VE green). Available also in the version with wall supports.

LIGHT&SOUND SYSTEM Sound-absorbing panels with technology (Caimi Patents)


Technical Specifications

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family: hush
Utilization: indoor
Typology: pendant
Certifications: IP20CEFClass 1
This item is available in the following countries:
Body Color: 
Body Materials: 
Light source
Height: 8 cm
Length: 125 cm
Depth: 5
Net weight: 2 Kg
Watt: 47W
Lumen: 4620 lm
Light Source: led
CRI: >80
duration: 50000
CCT: 3000K
Energy degree: A++
Watt: 28W
Lumen: 1944 lm
Light Source: led
CRI: >80
duration: 50000
CCT: 3000K
Energy degree: A++
Device Specifications
Type of emission: direct/indirect
Power cable length: 400 cm
Steel cable length: 350 cm
Driver: included
Power supply assembly: external
Power supply: electronic power supply
Voltage: 24V
Energy label
Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Photometrics data
Photometrics data
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