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Sistema Elastica wall

Elastica Wall is a modular system, stretched between the wall and the ceiling, which adapts to the heights and needs of the spaces, also changing the inclination, thanks to the hook fixed on the fabric strip. It consists of an elastic fabric strip in various colours: red, yellow, grey, black, light blue, which supports the flexible LED circuit.

Elastica Wall can be supplied in two different ways: via the plug-in power supply unit (code 40178) or via the ceiling rose containing the power supply unit (code 40179).

Discover all the accessories and compose your own Elastica Wall:
Elastic band 300cm(cod. 40176)
Elastic band 400cm(cod. 40177)
Plug-in power supply unit (cod. 40178)
Power supply unit (cod. 40179)

The cable is supplied together with the elastic bands. In case of replacement refer to code 40180.


    Technical Specifications

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    family: Elastica
    Utilization: indoor
    Typology: wall
    Certifications: IP40CEClass 3
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