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Sistema Colibrì Q

"Q" as quadrilateral, four ("quattro" in italian), quarter turn.

The peculiarity of Colibri Q is that thanks to a single type of joint, at 90°, it is possible to couple linear modules of different lengths, to compose vertical, horizontal or mixed structures, to obtain three-dimensional shapes in the space.

Unlike the Calabronet, which is designed to spread in space by acting on the horizontal plane, Colibrì Q acts on several levels. In fact, you can develop it horizontally, vertically, or by combining infinite planes.

For an even more three-dimensional effect, you can also create concatenations between the different modules. Let yourself be inspired by the image gallery, which offers only a minimum of possible solutions.


    colibrì composer
    Open the composer to create your own Colibrì Q.
    See tutorial to better compose your lamp.
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