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clochard Orlandini Design, 2013

Vagabond light

Leaning against the wall, nomadic, just a few belongings and often a cane for support. With character and minimalism, this lamp is the synthesis of a roving and vagabond life of one who has decided to make the street their home and the wall the most recurring element for support.


The idea of the rotational molded lamp created for Martinelli Luce is rooted in the concept of simulating a void, a “hole” of light used as a ceiling lamp to create the sensation of openings that expand into bright areas.
Ideally, it is designed with the side band painted in a dark color, to be fixed on a dark ceiling, enhancing this sensation.
The central part that upon first impression looks flat is instead concave, and in its larger size, the lamp can create the illusion that the space is amplified when standing underneath it.