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civetta Emiliana Martinelli, 2007

A joyful and minimal presence

Table lamp, diffused and indirect light. Tubolar aluminium structure in white lacquered colour, upper satin methacrylate finish diffuser in white or orange colour.

Born from Emiliana Martinelli’s creativity, the lamp Civetta makes its roundness, jaunty and fun spirit its point of uniqueness.
A character, Valentina, who took shape and life thanks to the genius of Guido Crepax. For decades the dream of many men for her sensuality, and the inspiration of many women for her ability to embody femininity in a multifaceted way.
Hence the Civetta by Guido Crepax, a limited edition lamp born from the collaboration between Martinelli Luce and Archivio Guido Crepax curated by Guido's sons: Caterina, Antonio and Giacomo.